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This service is provided on a best effort basis by the Library to allow members of the University to sell and buy used books. Please note that all transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. The Library accepts no responsibility for the condition of the books, or any issues regarding payment. Please read our full terms and conditions.

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Date Submitted     Ad Type     Title     Author/Editor     Edition     Price
10 Apr 2017  Wanted  Understanding organized crime   Mallory, Stephen  2  
30 Mar 2017  For Sale  Molecular Biology of the the Cell   Alberts, Rebecca  2nd  Make an offer
30 Mar 2017  For Sale  An introduction to Medicinal Chemistry   Patrick, Rebecca  Third  Make an offer
30 Mar 2017  For Sale  Immunology   Kuby, Rebecca  Second  Make an offer
30 Mar 2017  For Sale  Organic Chemistry   Jones, Rebecca  3  Make an offer
30 Mar 2017  For Sale  Chemistry for Pharmacy and the Life Sciences   Thomas, Rebecca   Make an offer
30 Mar 2017  For Sale  Catchup Compendium   Bradley  2nd  Make an offer
29 Mar 2017  For Sale  THE AGE OF RESPONSBILITY: CSR 2.0 and the New DNA of Business   Visser, Wayne   15
29 Mar 2017  For Sale  The Positive Deviant - Sustainability Leadership in a Perverse World   Parkin, Sara   20
22 Mar 2017  For Sale  Essentials of Economics   Sloman and Garratt, john Dean  Sixth  10