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This service is provided on a best effort basis by the Library to allow members of the University to sell and buy used books. Please note that all transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. The Library accepts no responsibility for the condition of the books, or any issues regarding payment. Please read our full terms and conditions.

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Date Submitted     Ad Type     Title     Author/Editor     Edition     Price
22 Mar 2017  For Sale  Essentials of Economics   Sloman and Garratt, john Dean  Sixth  10
17 Mar 2017  For Sale  engineering mechanics   hibbeler, r.c  thirteenth  25
17 Mar 2017  For Sale  intro to circuits analysis   boylestad, robert  eleventh  25
17 Mar 2017  For Sale  intro to physics   cutnell, johnson young stadler  tenth  25
17 Mar 2017  For Sale  material science and engineering   callister and rethwisch, william/david  eighth  25
17 Mar 2017  For Sale  an inrtoduction to mathematics for engineers   lee, stephen  mechanics  25
14 Mar 2017  For Sale  Legal systems and skills   Slorach, Embley, Goodchild, Shephard, S, J, P, C   12
14 Mar 2017  For Sale  The Economics Book   Kindersley, Dorling  One and only  8
14 Mar 2017  For Sale  All you need to pass criminal law   Martin & Turner, J & C  2nd  3
14 Mar 2017  For Sale  Management & Organisational Behaviour   Mullins, J, L  10th  8